Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Written by Matt McCart and Cassie Soliday

Heya Dr. Ronny Jackson and Company!

Pleasure to hear from you folks in such a personal way. And here I thought the art of letter writing was dead! Quoting me and adding a bibliography was a nice touch. Real intimate! After eight days of jet lag, high profile meetings, and an invigorating session with Vladimir Putin, I’ve finally found a moment to reply to your request to take a cognitive test to see if I’m “mentally fit to be the commander in chief.”

You’ve got quite the eye and ear for catching my…


She thought she raised Medina Spirit better than that!

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash

MONGOLIAN CHANGA: Son… we need to talk.

MEDINA SPIRIT: Okayyy? I was gonna go chill and eat clovers in the field, but what’s up, mom?

MONGOLIAN CHANGA: The radio was on in the barn when the farmhand was shoveling manure out of the stalls and I heard the news. Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?

MEDINA SPIRIT: Moooom. I know where this is going —

MONGOLIAN CHANGA: Hay! Drugs are never the answer, my sweet oat! If you were feeling nervous about the big race, you should’ve told me. You can tell me aneighthing!


Grab your bathing suit and enjoy your new home.

Artwork by Author

Greetings from Ahogo Beach, CA! In the great tradition of giving Spanish names to Californian towns, Ahogo Beach was named for its quickly drowning coastline. But don’t worry about that! Because Shady Ocean Front Developers, LLC, has taken the climate crisis and flipped it into a climate opportunity for you to own your new dream abode!

Home #1: Quaint Cottage by the Sea

Cassie Soliday

Comedy writer, cartoonist, and casual existential crisis haver.

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